Data management maturity level. We regularly post polls on LinkedIn on this topic. We want to collect insights into the experiences and thoughts of our colleagues. We would like to share these insights with you as well.



Below, you will find out how respondents have evaluated the data management maturity level in their companies:

1. 64 % of respondents assessed the maturity level as ‘ad-hoc.’

2. In 18% of cases, respondents indicated that their companies develop data management.

3. 9% of respondents said that they currently implement data management.

4. 9% replied that they have a fully operational data management function.

We interpret these results as the following:

I want to share with you my impressions based on these results. The outcomes from the LinkedIn poll are pretty different from those obtained by performing a Data management maturity scan HERE.
You can see a comparison of the outcomes in the attached image. The progress many companies have made in the development of data management is far more optimistic in the Data Crossroads results. The outcome difference can be attributed to a more significant number of participants.
During 2020, more than 700 companies worldwide performed the maturity scan. We analyzed the results and published them in January 2021. You can download this report free of charge HERE.

How do you interpret these results? Please share in the comments section below this post!

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