We deliver value to businesses by contributing in implementation of data management.

Our specialists adapt leading standards to the company’s requirements and capacities, depending on the company’s needs. We offer a wide range of services.


The first step in the optimization of your data management function is assessing its current maturity status. How far have you come already?


We offer you a free of charge data management maturity scan. The scan consists of 20 questions and takes just around 7 minutes.

The scan provides you with:

  • A high-level estimation of the current status of data management in your company

  • recommendation for actions that will promote growth and improvement of your data management framework in the next 3 months

  • An estimation of resources required for the next development phase.


If you would like to assess the maturity of data management in your company in more detail and make an action plan for further optimization, our specialists are here to guide you through it.

During the assessment we will:

  • Assess the current (as-is) maturity level of the data management function in the company

  • Specify one or more business driver(s) that motivate the implementation or optimization of the data management function

  • Specify the required components and maturity level of data management function (the to-be situation) for the chosen driver(s)

  • Assess the gaps between the as-is and the to-be situations (gap analysis)

  • Develop a roadmap for reaching the desired (to-be) situation


We deliver a range of workshops to equip data professionals and their colleagues with techniques and approaches for development and optimization of data management within their companies.

Here is a list of our current workshops.


We offer our expertise in various forms.

We have combined our expertise and years of practical experience, and compressed it into the form of a Do-It-Yourself Guide: The Data Management Toolkit, which is the base of our method. It will teach you step-by-step how to implement data management, through detailed instructions, handy templates and case-studies.

If you need assistance with the implementation of our methodology, we can support you with our coaching and consulting services.

Are you interested in our services, but not really sure where to start? Book a FREE 30-minute call with us and let’s discuss possibilities!