We deliver value to businesses by contributing in implementation of data management.

Our specialists adapt leading standards to the company’s requirements and capacities, depending on the company’s needs. We offer a wide range of services.


Scoping and planning a data management initiative

We support our customers in analyzing, prioritizing, and limiting their data management initiatives to a feasible scope.

Defining a data management strategy and designing capabilities

We assist in developing a fit-for-purpose data management or governance framework and function by:

  • Identifying the required scope and set of required data management capabilities

  • Developing required policies, standards, processes, roles, and templates for various artifacts

  • Focusing on five key capabilities: data governance, data quality, data modeling, information systems architecture, and data chain management

Implementing a data management framework

We support our clients in managing their initiatives by developing an implementation plan and guiding them through the implementation process.

Monitoring performance

We develop a set of key performance indicators to measure the implementation and operational performance of the DM function.

Assessing results and planning the future

We perform data management maturity assessment using various methods based on the “Orange” DMF. Based on the gap analysis results, we assist in planning further actions.


We offer several services and free resources for measuring data management maturity:


  • Ready-to-use questionnaire for 9 data management capabilities

  • Ability to customize and extend the assessment’s scope
  • The scope includes a preliminary interview and presentation, a final workshop with the presentation of the results, proposals, and action plan for further development


We offer you a free of charge data management maturity scan. The scan consists of 20 questions and takes just around 7 minutes.

  • Assessment of 5 data management capabilities

  • Immediate results

  • High-level advice in your mailbox (optional)


Benchmark your maturity assessment results against peers in the industry.

Developing a business case for data lineage

/ a knowledge graph of data assets

Scoping and planning a business case by:

  • Identifying the scope of a data lineage / knowledge graph initiative that meets a company’s needs and resources

  • Assessing risks and developing mitigation actions

  • Assessing a company’s readiness for a data lineage initiative

Implementing data lineage / knowledge graph by:

  • Developing requirements

  • Choosing appropriate implementation methods and tooling

  • Assisting in planning the initiative

Data Crossroads Academy

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We offer different training opportunities in key areas of our expertise.

Recorded online training

You can choose between free or payable online courses.

On-demand course or workshop

We can customize our courses to the needs of your team.

Please reach out to us at academy@datacrossroads.nl.

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