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Learn Data Management in 5 simple steps

Make your data work for you

This book is written with a special focus on Finance professionals and executives. It will show you what you can do with your data in order to enhance the efficiency and success of your company. Get some insights on:

    • what you and your company would gain by managing data properly;
    • what it means for you to ‘manage your data properly’;
    • how to achieve the desired results, using our 5-step approach.

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The Fastest Route to Optimal Quality of your Data

Data Quality for Finance Professionals

What is data quality and how does it influence your business? How can optimizing the quality of data improve the effectiveness and pleasure of your job, and save money for the whole company? Learn how to:

    • calculate the financial implications of poor data quality
    • create an action plan for improving the quality of your data
    • improve data quality in your company in 7 steps.

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free ebook gdpr data management

Make your business GDPR-proof through Data Management

GDPR meets Data Management

Learn how to use Data Management to make sure your business is compliant with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) by May 28th, 2017.

Among others, this book is about:

  • how GDPR affects your business;
  • various strategies and how to choose which on is best for your business;
  • which actions are necessary, and where to start.

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Start implementing Data Management now!

The Data Management Cookbook

This is a unique step-by-step guide for Data Management implementation in small and medium enterprises.

In this book, we invite you for a five-course dinner. During each course we will explain the steps of our 5-step system (also presented earlier in Make Your Data Work for You) which guarantees successful implementation of data management in any company, regardless of its size or industry.

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