We regularly post polls on LinkedIn on topics of data management and data lineage to collect insights on the experiences and thoughts of our colleagues. We would like to share these insights with you as well. Today we investigate who is the sponsor of data management implementation.



The poll about the sponsors of data management implementation has demonstrated amazing results:

1. 43 % of respondents declared middle-management to be the initiator of data management implementation.

2. 57% of respondents voted for the C-suite.

We interpret these results as the following:

I was very surprised by these results for two reasons:

  1. Middle management initiates implementation almost so often as the C-Suite roles altogether. Data management is a long-lasting and resource-consuming initiative.
    Support and involvement of executive management are key success factors for data management implementation.
    Compliance with regulations and support of the decision-making process are the two most common drivers for a data management initiative. Both these drivers belong to the C-suite areas of concern.
  2. The role of CFO has the lowest indicators.
    The CFO is one of the stakeholders who has the biggest concerns in the results of proper data management. The CFO will be the one to experience the biggest risks if data quality and data delivery do not meet requirements. It is my opinion that the CFO should take on the sponsor role for the data management initiative.

The results could be debatable. What is your opinion? Who is the sponsor of data management in your company? Please, share your experience in the comments.