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We assist companies in managing data assets by establishing or optimizing a data management framework and documenting data lineage / a knowledge graph of data assets.

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Our key belief is that each company should have own staff to perform data-management related tasks because the management of data is an ongoing process.

We offer workshops, coaching and consulting services to support a company in developing a fully operational data management function and training their staff to maintain this framework.

We have a distinctive unique proposition to its customers to get these results. Our approach is based on 3 simple principles:

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We deliver value to businesses by contributing in implementation of data management.
Our specialists adapt leading standards to the company’s requirements and capacities, depending on the company’s needs. We offer a wide range of services.

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David Espinosa

“The Masterclass (Data Strategy – Design and Implementation) was a great space to interact with other industry professionals with similar interests in data and data strategy. The content that was shared by Dr. Irina is tremendously valuable, something that has evolved with her years of experience in the field, and that will become part of my toolbox for future challenges.”

William Beckles

“Thank you for facilitating the Masterclass “Data Strategy: Design and Implementation”. It was highly interactive, engaging and informative.

This masterclass enhanced my understanding on data management by incorporating a multi-level perspective, where data management is viewed through strategic, tactical and operational lenses.

I gained valuable insight in identifying key business drivers and relevant stakeholders, allowing me to deliver information in a way that provides lasting value.

This was a highly fruitful learning experience and I will not hesitate to recommend your services to other organizations. I take this opportunity to thank you once again for your time and expertise in this excellent facilitation.”

Saeed al Shehhi

“After looking at the mapping of Legislative requirements to the data lineage model developed by Dr. Irina Steenbeek in her book, Data Lineage from a Business perspective (page 38). I was surprised with new benefits to having a unified data model, which are:

  • Reduce the need to have complex transformations between Data warehouses and source systems.
  • Reduce the need to have many transformation rule’s between data warehouses, data marts and source systems.
  • Ability to compile with both BCBS239 and GDPR with more ease.

Adding to that, I have realized that having the model developed by her, as an input to the data modeling process of the desired Unified data model can lead to having data models that address both GDPR and BCBS239 requirements. This ability to address requirements early on is key toward developing other data models for specific solutions and usages.”

How mature is data management in your company?

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