The “Orange” Data Management Framework


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This book presents the “Orange” data management framework. This new framework assists data management professionals in establishing a data management function and distinguishes itself from other well-known guidelines. This framework is:

  • Ready for use
    It provides the method for building an integrated data management function, based on data management capabilities. It also includes the structure and content of various data management policies and standards.
  • Feasible and flexible
    It elaborates on the business capability model that allows breaking data management into multiples capabilities at lower abstraction levels. This approach enables assessing existing data management capabilities and developing the new ones that fit a company’s needs and resources.
  • Based on an integrated implementation approach
    Core data management capabilities have strong dependencies: deliverables from some of them serve as inputs for others. This framework provides an integrated implementation approach and plan for core capabilities.
  • Data lifecycle/chain-oriented
    The “Orange” DMF aligns the structure and content data management capabilities with the building and optimization of data lifecycle/chain concepts.


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You will be purchasing the digital (PDF) version of this book.
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