The Data management Maturity Scan gives you an opportunity to assess the readiness of your company to get in charge of the data you own. What it means is, providing required data to whomever needs it, at the required place and time and of expected quality.

The scan is designed to be used by Business and Financial managers and means to provide you with:

  • A high level estimation of the current status of Data Management in your company
  • A recommendation for actions that will promote growth and improvement of you Data Management framework in the next 3 months
  • An estimation of required resources.

The test is based on a Data Management model based on the approaches of DAMA DMBOK and DCAM.

The model considers five data management capabilities that give you answer on the following questions:

  1. Data Management Framework.
    How does my company manage data?
  2. Data Modeling
    What data do I need and do I know my data?
  3. Data Architecture
    Where can I find my data? 
  4. Data Quality
    What is the quality of my data?
  5. Data value chain
    Where does my data come from and where to does it go?

The scan includes 20 statements. Please choose an option that fits best with your situation, or finish the sentence. The scan will take approximately 7 minutes.

Are you ready?

NOTE: If this is not your first time doing the Data Management Maturity Scan on this device, please clear your browser cache and cookies beforehand to ensure accurate results!