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We assist companies in assessing data management maturity, implementation or optimization of their data management/governance framework, documentation of data lineage. We offer training and consulting services based on our ready-to-use practical methodology.

Improve your company performance and decision-making process by getting control of your data.

If you have your data resources under control, and know how to use them to the benefit of your business, your business will grow and flourish. Think about:


Our key belief is that each company should have own staff to perform data-management related tasks because the management of data is an ongoing process.

We offer workshops, coaching and consulting services to support a company in developing a fully operational data management function and training their staff to maintain this framework.

We have a distinctive unique proposition to its customers to get these results. Our approach is based on 3 simple principles:

Our Approach

In your quest to take control over its data and information resources you need to first answer 3 key questions:

We develop methodologies, techniques, and templates to give answers to each of these questions.


We can assist you in various forms. Whether you have just started to  explore the possibilities of data management, or would like to optimize an already set up framework, there is always room for growth!

Would you rather start exploring the possibilities by yourself?

Check out our DIY guide for implementation of Data Management :

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How mature is data management in your company?

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