Data lineage. We regularly post polls on LinkedIn on this topic.  We want to collect insights on the experiences and thoughts of our colleagues. We would like to share these insights with you as well. Now we take a look at automated data lineage tools.



The votes about the usage of automated data lineage tools have been distributed as follows:

1. 57% of respondents use commercial off-the-shelf products.

2. 14% of respondents use the open-source tool.

3. 14 % of respondents preferred internal company developments.

4. 14% explored other solutions.

We interpret these results as the following:

1. Automated data lineage remains a challenge for a lot of companies. A lot of COTS software on the market assists companies in the implementation. COTS solutions offer a range of pre-built metadata bridges to read and integrate metadata from different applications. For many companies, pre-built solutions can assist in making the implementation more time- and resource-effective.

2. There are also several other solutions. These are open-source solutions or internal company developments. In our practice, we have seen companies that use open-source graphical databases or SQL to develop internal solutions.

How do you interpret these results? Please share in the comments section below this post!

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