We regularly post polls on LinkedIn on topics of data management and data lineage to collect insights on the experiences and thoughts of our colleagues. We would like to share these insights with you as well. Today we investigate the usage of the frameworks of data management.



The investigation of the usage of frameworks of data management has demonstrated the following results.

1. 70% of respondents put the effort into designing their own methodologies, of which 30% use existing guides as a source and 40% start from scratch.

2. 30% of respondents use already existing methodologies, 20% of which apply industry guides and 10% rely on guides for consultants.

We interpret these results as the following:

These results seem rather sad. They confirm what I often see in practice:

  1. There are several leading industry guides. They provide a lot of theoretical knowledge but they lack guidelines for practical implementation.
  2. A lot of companies put a lot of time and resources into developing their own methodologies to implement data management. But these methodologies do not always lead to success in the implementation.
  3. Implementation of data management remains a big challenge for many companies.

10 years ago, to set up a data management function, I developed my own methodology based on the DAMA-DMBOK Wheel. Years later, I used this experience to develop the “Orange” Model of Data Management Implementation and present this step-by-step practical approach in The Data Management Toolkit.