We regularly post polls on LinkedIn on topics of data management and data lineage to collect insights on the experiences and thoughts of our colleagues. We would like to share these insights with you as well. Today we discuss a method to implement data management.



1. About 50% of respondents give preference the either hiring new (15%) or training existing (31%) internal staff.

2. Only 15% of respondents hire external consultants.

3. 38% of respondents handle implementation involving both internal and external staff.

We interpret these results as the following:

In my own practice, I often see that the approach to involve both internal and external staff is the most widely used. At the same time, I always recommend companies to, first of all, train their internal staff. There are several reasons for that:

  • Data management exists in every company, either in a formal or informal format. It is always possible to find staff that possesses at least some skills required for the implementation.
  • Such an approach allows making a data management initiative more cost-efficient.
  • A company profits from it as knowledge becomes and remains a company asset.

How do you interpret these results? Please share in the comments section below this post!