Data-driven business

This business model gives decision makers access and ability to use data they need when they need it. Allowing them to ask questions and providing the right data can improve the decision-making process and accelerate business growth. m

Influence on your business
  • Acceleration and optimization of the decision-making process
  • Ensured sustainable business growth
  • Increased value of your business
  • Positive effect on your professional future
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements

The quickest path to a data-driven organization

In order to make this model work, you need to optimize the information value chain of your company through data management techniques. The first step is mapping the relationships between business, data, processes, systems and technology. Independent on the size of the organization, there are several data management areas with the highest priorities that enance the value of the whole business.

Data governance

Who does what and how do you collaborate?

Data quality

How reliable is your data?

Data architecture

Where can you find your data?

Data modeling & design

What data do you need?

Reference & master data

What is your single point of fact?

Steps to optimize the Information Value Chain

There are several steps to be undertaken in order to optimize your Information Value Chain for the whole business. You don’t need to make these steps in presented order, but all of them are crucial success factors as well as active participation of all main stakeholders , including top management.

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