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We offer workshops on various subjects concerning data management and its implementation in small and medium businesses. The most popular topics are: data quality, compliance (e.g. GDPR) and predictive/prescriptive modeling.

Our workshops are based on unique models that we have developed ourselves. We base our models on industry reference guidelines in combination with our 15+ years of experience in the field of data management.

Each workshop is designed to give a short overview of the subject in 2-3 hours, and includes some theory combined with practical exercises. The participants recieve a free guide, which can help them remember and implement the information in their daily practices.

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[bsf-info-box icon=”dfd-icon-scales” icon_size=”50″ enable_custom_title_typography=”yes” title=”GDPR MEETS DATA MANAGEMENT” subtitle=”Learn how to make your business GDPR-proof using Data Management” read_more=”more” link=”url:http%3A%2F%2Fdatacrossroads.nl%2Fworkshops%2Fgdpr-data-management%2F|||” read_more_style=”slide_up” hover_effect=”style_2″ pos=”top” title_text_typography=”” title_font_size=”24″ desc_text_typography=”” module_animation=”transition.slideUpBigIn”]

Target audience:

IT and Data management executives and staff



10-15 people



3 hours


During this 3-hour workshop we provide you with an overview of the effects GDPR will have on your business. Together, we evaluate your existing capabilities, and analyze what gaps still need to be filled. We will help you set up a short- and/or a long-term strategy, and…