September 13, 2022

10 a.m. EST / 4 p.m. CEST (Amsterdam)

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Duration: 60 minutes

Admission: Free of charge

Join Trigyan and Dr. Irina Steenbeek to learn more about the three-headed serpent: of knowledge graphs, metadata management, and data lineage.

Knowledge graphs, metadata management, and data lineage are data management capabilities that many companies would like to or have implemented. These capabilities assist in getting value from data and sustaining competitive advantage. However, their implementation is complex and time- and resource-consuming…. hence the webinar.

Attend the Webinar and You will Learn:

  • Why should a company implement metadata management, data lineage, and knowledge graphs?
  • What are the differences and similarities between these capabilities in terms of architecture, technology, and use cases?
  • What are the relationships and dependencies for their implementation?
Who should attend? Anyone in Capital Markets in these areas:

  • Data Management
  • Data Architects
  • Data Governance
  • Algo Trading Development

About the speaker

Dr. Irina Steenbeek is a data management practitioner with more than 11 years of experience. The key areas of her professional expertise are the data management maturity assessment, implementation of data management frameworks, and data lineage. Irina has practical experience in software implementation such as ERP and DWH/BI, management consultation, financial and business controls, and data science.

Through the years, she has worked for global institutions as well as large- and medium-sized organizations in different sectors, including but not limited to financial institutions, professional services, and IT companies.

About Trigyan

Trigyan offers a patent-pending no-code knowledge graph solution which can be based on bespoke or public ontologies, enabling you to transform “uncurated data” to “actionable data” which you can trust to make business decisions. To learn more visit

Irina steenbeek

Speaker: Irina Steenbeek