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  • 2-day online event, 6 hours per day

  • One (60-minute) private session with Irina Steenbeek

  • 3-8 participants

  • Opportunity to discuss and work on  your business case

The dates of next editions to be announced…

Data lineage has become a daily demand. However, it remains an abstract, unknown concept for many stakeholders. The implementation is complex and resource-consuming.  Usage of data lineage remains a challenge in “business as usual” operations.

During this 2-day Masterclass, we discuss and elaborate on the practical aspects of building a successful data lineage business case. We focus on delivering artifacts and documents that later can be used by participants in their real practices.

During the Masterclass, the participants will become familiar with:

  • The concept of data lineage
  • Relationships between data lineage and other similar concepts
  • The metamodel of data lineage
  • The method to identify and prioritize business drivers for data lineage
  • Data lineage stakeholder analysis
  • Methods to scope a data lineage initiative
  • Accountabilities regarding data lineage
  • Methods and approaches to implement data lineage
  • Various data lineage solutions and methods of their evaluation
  • Key methods of data lineage documentation
  • Key areas and challenges of data lineage usage
  • The 9-step method to design and implement data lineage
  • Discuss a fictitious business case, and optionally, the participants’ business cases

After attending the Masterclass, the participants will be able to:

  • Design the data lineage metamodel that fits a company’s needs and resources
  • Assess the readiness of the company for the data lineage initiative
  • Prepare requirements for data lineage
  • Scope the data lineage initiative
  • Analyze various methods and approaches to performing data lineage documentation
  • Analyze the required data lineage solution
  • Assess risks and success factors


€1200 excl. VAT per participant

What you will receive:

  • A total of 12 hours of interactive group sessions led by Irina Steenbeek
    spread out over 2 days, 6 hours per day

  • One 60-minute private session with Irina Steenbeek
    where you can discuss your business case

  • The book Data Lineage from a Business Perspective by Irina Steenbeek
    both pdf and paperback versions

  • A set of templates
    for working out your data lineage business case

Would you like to learn more about this masterclass?

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