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“Data Strategy: Design and Implementation”

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Length: 3 hour

For whom: Business and data management executives and leaders, including Chief Data Officers and department heads


  • Short lectures
  • Group exercises
  • A business case for a made-up company
  • Templates
  • 1-hour private coaching session with Dr. Irina Steenbeek



Many companies have started data-related initiatives. Often, they start by changing and implementing technology. This approach only sometimes brings the expected results. Technology answers the question: How? But before that, the company must ask and answer two other questions: why it needs a data initiative and what it should achieve. A data management strategy or roadmap must answer these three questions for a company to succeed. In this 3-hour masterclass, we will answer these three questions.


During the Masterclass, we will dive into the following questions:

  • Why does a company need a data strategy?
    • The role of data and data management in the business success
    • The common business drivers that lead to a data initiative
    • Data management propositions to various business stakeholders
  • What does data management mean for the company?
    • Data management principles
    • Factors that influence the strategy
    • The required scope of a data management initiative and capability
    • The required data management framework
  • How can a company implement the strategy?
    • A roadmap and long-term plans
    • An integrated implementation approach
    • Policies, processes, roles, and technology
    • Measures for success
    • Risks and mitigation actions

After completing this Masterclass, you will be able to:

  • Design a data management strategy
  • Prepare a roadmap
  • Develop an implementation approach
  • Design an integrated implementation plan for multiple data management capabilities
  • Define requirements for IT technologies