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“Data Governance and Data Stewardship for Various Data Architectures: Design and Implement”

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Length: 6 hours

For whom: Data management executives and leaders, including chief data officers and department
heads; data stewards; data management and IT professionals.


  • Short lectures
  • Group exercises
  • Business case: a participant’s company or a made-up company
  • Templates
  • 30-minute individual coaching session with Dr. Irina Steenbeek



Many companies have started data-related initiatives like Data Governance and Stewardship.
Implementation of these concepts has several challenges: unclear goals and scope, lack of top
management and business support, defining a proper data governance framework, and
implementation approach that fits a company’s needs and resources.
The exclusive feature of this masterclass is that we will consider the implementation of data
governance for various architectures and deployment options:

  • Centralized (data warehouse, data lake, and data lake house)
  • Distributed (data mesh)
  • Data fabric


During the Masterclass, we will dive into the following questions:

  • What are the definitions and content of data governance (DG) and stewardship?
    o A definition of data governance and its relationship with data management
    o The definition of data stewardship and types of data stewards
    o A data governance framework and operating system
  • Why does a company need a data governance framework and stewardship?
    o Business drivers and data management initiatives that require a data governance
    o C-Suite members and businesspeople involvement and support
    o Key benefits and common obstacles of implementing data governance
  • How can a company implement a data governance framework and stewardship?
    o Key factors that influence the DG framework design
    o Differences in DG frameworks for various data architectures
    o Key data management capabilities that require a DG framework
    o DG and data stewardship principles
    o DG deliverables
    o DG regulations, including data governance and stewardship policies
    o RACI for data stewardship roles for various data management capabilities/processes
    o Requirements for DG tools
    o Different approaches to implementing a data governance framework
    o Developing a Roadmap

After completing this Masterclass, you will be able to:

  • Identify a company’s and key stakeholder needs in data governance
  • Design a data governance framework that fits a company’s needs, resources, and data
  • Write and implement “Data Governance” and/or “Data Stewardship” policies and standards
  • Develop a structure and RACI for data stewardship roles, including different types of data stewards, owners, users, etc.
  • Map data management processes to data stewardship roles
  • Identify required data governance deliverables
  • Formulate requirements for data governance tools