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A pocket guide for implementation of data management
Second, renewed edition (January 2023). A lot of companies realize that data is an invaluable asset and has to be managed accordingly. They would also like to get value from data. Everyone wants to be ‘data-driven’ these days. What lies beneath this idea, is the wish to make the decision-making process easier and more effective. It means delivering the required data of acceptable quality to the relevant decision makers when and where they need it. In short: a lot of companies have the necessity to manage their data properly. The main question is: how do you put this in practice? Knowing the potential of your data, and managing it correctly is the key to an effective and successful business. As a result of well-implemented data management, you will be able to reduce risks and costs, increase efficiency, ensure business continuity and successful growth. In this book, we invite you for a five-course dinner. During each course we will explain the steps of our 5-step program which guarantees successful implementation of data management.