• The Data Management Toolkit

    You will be purchasing the digital version of the book (PDF). Eight years ago, I joined a new company. My first challenge was to develop an automated management accounting reporting system. A deep analysis of the existing reports showed us the high necessity to implement a singular reporting platform, and we opted to implement a data warehouse. At the time, one of the consultants came to me and said, “I heard that we might need data management. I don’t know what it is. Check it out.” So I started Googling “Data management”… This book is for professionals who are now in the same position I found myself in eight years ago and for those who want to become a data management pro of a medium sized company.It is a collection of hands-on knowledge, experience and observations on how to implement data management in an effective, feasible and “to-the-point” way.
  • The Data Management Cookbook

    You will be purchasing the digital version of the book (PDF).
    A pocket guide for implementation of data management
    A lot of companies realize that data is an invaluable asset and has to be managed accordingly. They would also like to get value from data. Everyone wants to be ‘data-driven’ these days. What lies beneath this idea, is the wish to make the decision-making process easier and more effective. It means delivering the required data of acceptable quality to the relevant decision makers when and where they need it. In short: a lot of companies have the necessity to manage their data properly. The main question is: how do you put this in practice? Knowing the potential of your data, and managing it correctly is the key to an effective and successful business. As a result of well-implemented data management, you will be able to reduce risks and costs, increase efficiency, ensure business continuity and successful growth.In this book, we invite you for a five-course dinner. During each course we will explain the steps of our 5-step programme which guarantees successful implementation of data management.
    • A new, extended version of this book will be published in Q2 of 2022.
    • This book is a brief overview of the model and has only 24 pages.*
    You will be purchasing the digital version of the book (PDF). The “Orange” (meta)model of data management provides an overview of techniques for a practical set up of data management through the design and implementation of the data and information value chain, enabled by a set of data management capabilities. The “Orange” model assists in specifying the feasible scope of data management capabilities, that fits the company’s business goals and resources. This book provides a brief introduction to the model and its main concepts. The full-scope methodology is only available via licensed agreements. This book works together with the earlier published “The Data Management Toolkit” which is a practical implementation guide of the chosen data management capabilities.