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Your partner in data management

Your partner in data management


We are experts in data management with 15+ years of extensive experience in various industries. We have developed a universal 5-step approach for implementation of data management, which can be applied to any SME business, independent of industry. We will deliver value to your business by making your data work for you. Through consultation, coaching, and workshops we will help you implement or optimize data management in your company. Read more…

Data-driven business

Benefits for your business
Increased efficiency and cost reduction

Knowing how to effectively manage your data, you will know which data is necessary and what you can cut back on. You will be aware of who needs which data, when and where. This will optimize the use of data, decrease the number of application, reduce time and resources spent on data processing, shorten the path that data flows from its source to the intended destination. It guarantees cost reduction in the long run.

Reduced operational risk

Improving the quality of your data will guarantee more accurate and on-time delivery of information to all relevant internal and external stakeholders. It also means less worries about compliancy with regulations. Next to reduction of manual data processing it will ensure a lower level of operational risk.

More effective and prompt decision-making

When you ensure that all relevant stakeholders receive the information they need, when they need it, the business decision-making becomes faster and more precise.

What we do

What is data management?

According to the DAMA International’s Guide to the Data Management Body of Knowledge (DAMA-DMBOK 2), data management is:

the development, execution, and supervision of plans, policies, programs, and practices that deliver control, protect and enhance the value of data and information assets throughout their lifecycle.

For you, data management might mean getting in control of your data, by:

• Knowing which data you can access, and for which purpose to use it;
• Being able to plan your data needs for the future;
• Ensuring the required quality of your data, including its accuracy and timeliness;
• Being aware of the source of your data and knowing which transformations it undergoes on the way;
• Defining the shared responsibilities for your data;
• Being able to quickly and effectively resolve any data-related issues.

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About us

Data Crossroads was founded in 2016 by Irina Steenbeek. She is a  dedicated and tenacious Senior Data Management, Financial and IT Professional with 15+ years of extensive experience. Her areas of expertise are data management, software implementation, financial and business control, project management, business process re-engineering, and management consulting and training.

For our projects, we form teams of experts within various industries in order to ensure the highest quality of consultation to our clients. Our teams implement industry reference guidelines to companies, depending on the aims, capabilities and resources of the business. Our approach is highly customizable, and we ensure effective results in any type of situation.

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